Mandy Raquel


How to Do ‘Adulting’ the Right Way

‘Adulting’ isn’t hard if you allow yourself to enjoy the little perks that come with being an adult. Adulting is hard! That is a complaint I’ve heard far and wide across the vast majority of my peers. Nobody wants to deal with adult responsibilities like having a job to only make...

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Custom Made With Love

At the start of the pandemic there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty. We were forced to social distance and stay inside, away from everything and everyone we loved. Most of us looked to better ourselves and finally dive into that hobby that we had been itching to get...

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Family is Everything Even on TV

Growing up in a Mexican American family I had a lot of cousins to bond with, and considered them unofficial siblings. Our aunts and uncles showed us unconditional love, as well as the true meaning of family. We learned to be there for one another no matter what, no questions...

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How Christian Grey is Edward Cullen in Disguise

The Twilight Saga Books were a HUGE part of my early 20’s. I recall discovering Twilight and practically speed reading it in almost one sitting. Stephenie Meyer, the genius author of this series managed to create the plot line from a dream she’d had. It’s every young writer’s fairytale come true. The...

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Concert Withdrawal, And The Need For Live Music

As someone who has religiously been attending concerts since I was 11, I can tell you firsthand that the pandemic has caused some chronic concert withdrawal. The feeling of being in the crowd amongst others who are all there for the same reason you are, is a special and intimate...

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DoorDash, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

How my relationship with DoorDash got out of hand during the pandemic. During the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, both my husband and I, like the rest of the world stopped going to the office for work. I ended my job all together and he set up his...

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I’m a concert junkie who loves Living under an Arizona sky, I’m a dreamer and believer.


15 years after the virus. November 28,2035 Curfew was fast approaching in the streets of New York. Times Square began to lull as I made my way down 44th street. The number of people on the streets was sparse. Too many businesses are closed permanently than ever before. So much...

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I Don’t Know Him

I Don’t Know Him He came to me in a dream. His warm southern drawl comforted me as I floated through the darkness. I don’t know where he’s from, but I could easily guess Georgia or maybe Texas I wasn’t sure. He was just a voice summoning me to him...

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