Mandy Raquel

Custom Made With Love

At the start of the pandemic there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty. We were forced to social distance and stay inside, away from everything and everyone we loved. Most of us looked to better ourselves and finally dive into that hobby that we had been itching to get started. While others decided to finally cave in and join the dangerous realm known as TikTok. You started out by saying you’re only going to watch a few videos to kill time, only to end up awake still at 3am down a rabbit hole you never intended to go down. The content is entertaining; dance videos, cooking videos, tips, tricks, and skits. Anything you can imagine is thrown at you with a flick of your thumb as you scroll through these videos. While a lot of people fell into the everyday obsession with the app, others took that opportunity to launch their own businesses and gain an income by being creative geniuses. The phrase ‘custom content’ took on a whole new meaning, and isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

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