Mandy Raquel

How to Do ‘Adulting’ the Right Way

‘Adulting’ isn’t hard if you allow yourself to enjoy the little perks that come with being an adult.

Adulting is hard! That is a complaint I’ve heard far and wide across the vast majority of my peers. Nobody wants to deal with adult responsibilities like having a job to only make a living, paying bills, obtaining a mortgage, and then having to make payments on that mortgage, yikes! It’s all extremely stressful, but nothing a glass of wine at the end of the day can’t solve, right? Am I right? In all seriousness, I have been in the stressful bubble of everyday life, but I’ve come to discover that as I get older I look more forward to the little perks that come with age and wisdom. These highlights have caused me to say plenty of times ‘yes, these are the best years so far of my life.’ It wasn’t easy to get to this point though.

I suffered a lot of financial crisis and dealt with more crappy jobs and uphill climbs than I’d have liked to. There were nights that the anxiety and stress would practically suffocate me, and it was almost impossible to see any silver lining. I often wondered if this how my life is always going to be? I couldn’t see past the clouds into my future. My husband always instilled hope in me though by reassuring me that no, it wasn’t always going to be like that. It was temporary, and I just had to be patient and trust that at some time in our lives we would find a point where it was okay to take a breath and relax a little. These moments took time to get to, but they are achievable. Here’s a short list of how I’ve managed to find joy at this time in my life.

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