Mandy Raquel

This Band Brought the Concert Experience Back Delivery Style

How the band The Maine got creative with bringing a live performance to their fans.

The need for live music has been felt by many of us. This drought that the pandemic has caused for people; myself included, who used to frequent concerts regularly is real. I’ve been going to concerts since I was a teenager. Saving my money to travel between California and Arizona to see my favorite bands live became a lifestyle that I was not ashamed of. I didn’t care if I’d already seen my favorite bands live twice or sometimes three times in one year. My mom would always say “You’re going to see them again?” Yes, mom! It wasn’t just a want it became a need. I made myself familiar with the barricade and knew the perfect spots to stand where I wouldn’t get sucked into the mosh pit. Tricks and trades you learn as you become a frequent concert-goer.

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